resume builder

UX research and design for Generavitae Mobile App – resume builder and recruitment documents creator, that helping you find your dream job.

The product

The aim of the project is to help find a dream job, especially for the fresh graduates and experienced workes, who might have problems with completing recruitment process via computer. This contain a mobile app for creating documents and a landing page.

Project duration

June – August 2023

The problem

There is currently a growing problem of economic hardship in my local community. More and more people are experiencing difficulties in finding work. This problem particularly affects people who are inexperienced in the labour market and those with a few years of experience but no computer skills.

The goal

The aim is to make the job search easier by creating solutions to facilitate the completion of documents and assist in the recruitment process, with mobile devices replacing the computer.

My role & responsibilities

UX designer & researcher – user research, wireframing, prototyping.

User research

The target group consists of inexperienced employees (recent graduates) and employees with several years of experience but no computer skills.

Users were identified through interviews with jobseekers and recruiters.

Digital wireframes

My goal was to create resume builder accessible on mobile devices – users liked the idea, but asked for more features. All of their suggestions were implemented in next versions of design.

High-fidelity design

High-fidelity Mobile prototype for iOS App.

Landing page for Desktop and Mobile.

Usability study

The unmoderated research was conducted remotely, worldwide on group of 15 participants in the time of 30-45 minutes.

Usability study showed, that users liked the idea of resume builder, but asked for more features. All of their suggestions were implemented in next versions of design. Findings included insights:

  • similar sections should be grouped together,
  • add an option to create more recruitment documents.
Accessibility considerations

Color contrast was checked and passed the WCAG requirements.

Screens are simple and clean, easy to use for users with assistive technology, such as those with limited mobility or visual impairments.

Every interactive element has a negative space around it to prevent accidental clicks.


During the usability test some users said, that they would certainly be using this app, if only it was available.

Generavitae was published and is free to download for iOS.

What I learned

I learned a lot about UX design in general. I think the most important thing is that the user can always point out something about the design that the professionals have not thought of.

Next steps
  • Further usability test and design changes.
  • Adding more functions, such as import of existing documents.
  • Launching a web page.