house construction app

Product planning and UX design for Baid Mobile App – house construction assistant.

Orchestrating house construction is hard. Many future house owners’ problems can be avoided when proper plan and budget are made.

Baid Group created an app to leverage architects’ knowledge through curated construction plan, budget management, and note-taking.


The project started with various activities performed by the business team:

  • business analysis (problem statement),
  • market research,
  • customer discovery.


After a few brainstorming sessions with Product Owner (Joanna Zasadni-Pawełczak) we came up with:

  • product specification,
  • experiments to solve users’ problems,
  • customer journey.
Low-fidelity wireframing

The last element of product specification were application wireframes, including:

  • authorization,
  • user onboarding,
  • user profile,
  • list of todo tasks,
  • notes,
  • cost management,
  • calendar,
  • reminder.

All screens were combined in responsive prototypes and user-tested. They were further refined with high-fidelity concepts.


Baid App was published and is free to download for Android and iOS.

[Baid Group Sp. z o. o.]