Creating a 3D terrain model based on GIS and Lidar scanning data. The script uses coordinates of the given area, level of data accuracy and model complexity to build a 3D topography model and set of isocurves.


_region coordinates
_data accuracy
_model complexity


_grid of 3d points [.csv]
_topography model [.3dm]
_original and smoothed isocurves [.3dm, .dwg]

  1. choose area’s coordinates [e. g . in PUWG 1992 or CH1903/LV03]
  2. create a grid of points between area’s coordinates [for given grid size, e. g. 1m x 1m]
  3. build mesh based on points and smooth [with maximum acceptable displacement per point]
  4. draw isocurves [in chosen density, e. g. 0.1m]

[GIS data source – the federal geoportal]